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Why Unique

The Unique School & Jr. College, is with a motive for child-centric, progressive & global education. The School take a step forward and volunteer in making unconventional subjects available to student’s to build their competency.

We believe in teaching our students to have faith in themselves and their abundant potential. We believe in actualizing their dreams and passions. Every student that walks into the Unique Campus will have abundant opportunities to Learn, Grow, Excel, and Innovate by latest technologies. We like to look at education as a medium to open minds, give direction, explore passion,& excellent  proficiency.

We keep the winsomeness in our students alive. We want to build ethical leaders, wise scholars, passionate sportsmen, creative thinkers, and skilled professionals. We make all efforts possible to make sure that we expose our students to an international quality of education and inculcate faith and strength within them. We want our UNIQIANS to think of this school as a place that encourages them to be authentic, passionate, and courageous. We build good citizens of the world!

Our focus is on social skills and higher-order skills, preparing your children for success in future.

  • Personalised Learning
  • Educom Smart Class , E-Learning
  • Trained and Qualified Teachers
  • Technology Enabled Learning Resources

Friendly  Learning Environment

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